Mercedes Benz A Class W176 A45 AMG Edition 1 Local CBU


MakeMercedes Benz




Engine Capacity


Mfg. Year2013/2014


We talk about A class W176 A45 AMG Edition 1 Local CBU ... A unit of AMG which is the classic design and manufacture by AMG, and they called it as "One Man, One Engine" ... An engineer handcrafted each different unit of AMG cars ...

Why buy this one ? Why we are not suggest to buy recond unit rather than local CBU or CKD ?

- Local used unit , most of it still cover of the warranty by local manufacture
- Recond car it doesn't have the local warranty and they only provide the outsource warranty which cover for the car (mostly of the parts are not covered as much as the manufacture warranty) 
- Many customer consider to buy a recond car is base on the car is not registered before , but , recond is not the brand new car also , no matter how , it still a used car from overseas which either from Japan or UK
- Customer also will consider at the old no plate to put on the new registered car , yes , for maybe some of the memorable number , yes , for sure it's worth to buy a recond unit or new car to put on the old plate 
- Interest rate , no harm the recond car interest rate is cheaper ... But touch wood if one day the car with some mechanical problem , the cost you spent on it will be much more higher than the interest that you save ...
- For local CBU or CKD , we still able to check the car condition by the full service record and the previous owner driving habit ... But if recond, that is not possible to check it out and most of the car the mileage was been adjusted ...