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AMG EDITION 1 - What is the Edition 1 means to you guys ? Or what did Edition 1 which AMG brought to us ? Why it has a spec for AMG cars that is called “Edition 1” ?

Edition 1 is the “Special Edition” for each AMG model for a year production, like this W176 was in year 2014 will be consider as Edition 1 ... What is the difference of the Edition 1 and with the non Edition 1 ? For the ENGINE & PERFORMANCE, there is nothing difference In between but the accessories part like the front grille with the Red colour lining sticker on it and the Rim Cap will be Red in colour for Edition 1, of course the easiest part to recognise will the the Edition 1 stripe and side mirror also will have the red colour lining of sticker which designed by AMG ... For interior , the centre console gear knob there will have a Edition 1 emblem in the middle ... Beside of this add on accessories, the other part of this car will be same for Edition 1 and non Edition 1 ...

Of course, we been heard that outside there is some dealer or maybe sales person were tell customer there is “Edition 2” for after market or Recon car ... But, there is no such thing of “Edition 2” and this is just funny if we as a sales person don’t even know about the product knowledge ... We can’t miss leading customer about the car knowledge or miss leading them to buy a car from you due to the wrong information given ...

Anyway, for us, we can’t control for what other dealer or sales person using to close the deal ... But for us, we are just trying to provide the correct product knowledge and hope that what we can provide to customer is the correct information and hope that we can bring them some happiness to get the car from us ...

Yes, below this photo is the MERCEDES-BENZ A45 AMG Edition 1 CBU which newly imported by MBSM ... The car below are very good in condition and the 4 pcs of tyres are still in new condition and brake pad has just changed by the previous owner at MBSM ...