Mercedes Benz A45 AMG Year 2013/2014 Local CBU Edition 1


MakeMercedes Benz




Engine Capacity


Mfg. Year2013/2014

INCOMING NEW STOCK !!! The W176 of MERCEDES-BENZ A45 AMG year 2013/2014 local CBU EDITION 1 ... Yes, this is the EDITION 1 for A45 !!!

Many of you guys might suspect why Edition 1 will have 2013/2014 for local CBU ... And this is ORIGINAL of the EDITION 1 bring in by MBSM ... And for this unit , we can be proudly to say that this is the VERY FIRST FEW units that brought to you by MBSM ... A very first few units for that moment ...

Due to the population of EDITION 1 is year make by 2014 ... Many of us will be misunderstand that this is the RECOND unit but not the LOCAL CBU ... But , this is seriously LOCAL CBU ...

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