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About us

Company Overview

CV SMART AUTO SDN BHD (also formerly known as CV SMART AUTO TRADING) was listed on 2nd November 2016. We are a professional trading company that deals in used continental and local cars. The company also operates three other affiliated companies, which include CV SMART AUTO TRADING, CV SMART AUTO SPECIALIST, and CV SMART SOLUTION.

CV Smart Auto gained its initials from a married couple - “C” for Carmen, our Founder’s wife, and “V” for Veron Ng, our Founder & Managing Director.

Brand Strategy

Here at CV Smart Auto, we break out of the usual used car dealer stereotype. In lieu of a showroom, we have a car boutique to appeal to a wide range of audience. Taking on a different direction, our car boutique consists of three elements that bring us joy; that we believe will bring our customers joy and satisfaction as well - cars, music, and clothing.

CV Smart Auto car boutique has all three in the same space: at the flip of a switch, new style Techno music sets the mood with melodic elements; when a customer and their partner steps in, they are greeted with a wide range of street wear to pique their interest (including brands such as Supreme, Neighbourhood, Mastermind, Palace, Adidas, Nike, Stussy, Puma, CLOT by Edison Chen, Madness by Shawn Yue, SUBCREW by Sam Lee)

Friendly, stylish, and energetic, we catch the eye of a young, trendy audience, at the same time keeping a professional outlook for customers with classic tastes. We relate to our customers by setting up creative advertising ideas and building special rapport as honestly as possible.

Products & Services

CV Smart Auto offers a wide range of services, largely focusing on car modification products and car modification advice for car appearance and performance parts. Customer satisfaction is always our primary consideration. We typically trade used cars with the local manufacturer’s warranty and original mileage. With the consent of the new buyer (subject to Terms & Conditions), we also offer upgrading services with performance parts for a personal touch.

With CV Smart Auto, you get invaluable service, right performance parts, effective equipment, and steady installations at no worries.

Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission:

Operating as a contemporary, stylish company to appeal to our customers, we offer a friendly, relatable space for your needs and wants.

Our Vision:

We believe in quality in both products and value of service. Our customers require a company who serves them the best in both worlds.

Our Values:

As a company, we take care of worries so you don’t have to. We highly value branding, trust, reputation, attitude, passion, and excellent after sales service. Our energetic and passionate is proof of this - we make it possible for our customers.

Key Personnel Profile

Veron Ng Wei Lun (Founder & Managing Director)

Since 2016, Veron Ng has been leading CV Smart Auto Sdn Bhd on the path of being one of Klang Valley’s premium used car dealers. As a man with great vision and a firm believer in detailed digital marketing strategy to sustain business, Veron often provides general oversight and direction for potential growth opportunities. He invests his time and effort into building customer rapport, online marketing strategies, and fuels his thirst for business.

Yvonne Ng Siew Woon (Managing Director)

Together with her brother Veron, Yvonne Ng established CV Auto Smart as a private limited company in 19 August 2018. She often advises the team with creative maketing plans, taking on public relations while handling accounts and customers with highly proficient communication skills. Coming in with a strong and effective marketing strategy, Yvonne aims to place CV Smart Auto as an elegant and outstanding used car dealer in the market.

Marco Thong Chun Fui (Sales Manager)

Being a strong sales front of the company, Marco Thong plays a key role in driving sales and customer satisfaction. He is a valued team member for the company’s front line and operation.

Jett Thong Chun Kiat (Operation Executive)

Also known as the company’s Youtube channel Video Director, Jett Thong constantly surprises the team with creative ideas. He is also extremely well-planned in any manner of execution. Subscribe to CV Smart Auto on Youtube.

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