MERCEDES-AMG S63 New FL V8 4.0 Bi Turbo Year 2018

MERCEDES-AMG S63 New FL V8 4.0 Bi Turbo year 2018 (RM1,188,000)

Here is some MONSTER to share it out with you guys … Why we called it as a MONSTER ? Because this is a very LUXURY sedan which is the MERCEDES-AMG S63 New FL V8 4.0 Bi Turbo year 2018 !!!

This is an UNREGISTERED unit that bring it back from UK and the original condition is brand new since from UK and this can be checked it out if you guys come and view it or any experience mechanic will do … A TRUE UNIT of car that never use before and the mileage is confirmed GENUINE and now is less than 100km , guys it’s 100km and not 100k Km …

– 4.0 litre with V8 engine
– A unique design of engine that produced by AMG
– One Man One Engine concept
– Engine built by V shape joint along
– Superb LUXURY sedan that the interior comes with some branded stuff for Hermes
– This will be the best design among the same grade of other brand of car
– Looks GRAND but it can be act like a gangster due to the HP and the engine capacity (of course not the owner or driver)
– 577hp Twin Turbo engine
– W222 code for this model
– Distronic plus with the new steering assist
– 4Matic which mean all wheel drive for this AMG
– 9 speed AMG Sport speedshift transmission
– Equipped with the Rear Executive seat Package plus with an Optional Champagne fridge
– High safety features like lane keeping assists
– Massage Chair for rear Passenger seat
– A Director or a Boss car we called it as
– Superb good condition

Make Mercedes Benz
Model S63
Type AMG
Transmission Auto
Engine Capacity 4.0 litre with V8 engine
Manufacturing Year 2018
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